Why Massage Therapy is a well rounded approach to relaxation and healing….



Natural Alternatives For The Mind, Body, & Soul

Massage therapy is a quick, effective and affordable way to give yourself the physical and mental health benefits that your body deserves. Studies have shown that the frequency of massages as well as other treatments found in spas improve sleep, alleviate anxiety and stress and offer an overall increased feeling of wellness.

Throughout the process of massage therapy, lymph flow stimulation enhances the immune system. Proper lymph flow, the body’s defense, draws out metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, and bacteria from the muscles. In turn, swelling and soreness decreases while ability to fight off disease increases. Massage also improves circulation and posture. Anxiety and stress often causes pain and muscle tension as well as digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Paresthesias, nerve pain, soft tissue strains or injuries such sports’ injuries and joint pain. Massage improves circulation and posture. It releases pain trapped within the body and is a natural technique to help promote healing and aids in the prevention of other diseases and disorders. Throughout the process of massage therapy, lymph flow stimulation helps enhance the immune system. Proper lymph flow, the body’s defense, draws out metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, and bacteria from the muscles. Through massage, swelling and soreness decreases while our body’s ability to fight off disease increases. There are other benefits to massage. People enjoy massage in general and often decide to seek massage therapy as part of a spa because it often involves caring, comfort, a sense of empowerment and creates deep connections with their massage therapists.

Deep relaxation either through massage or other therapies is a long term investment in your overall health and well being. When we are well, we tend to treat other people well. When we nurture and care for our bodies, we are better able to care for and nurture other people in our lives. At Spa Orlando, we offer massage in a variety of styles – from tradition Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Work, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Sports, Pregnancy, Thai Yoga and much more. Spa Orlando also offers Acupuncture Therapy to reduce multiple ailments as well as many other treatments that help reduce stress and anxiety. We also offer a variety of therapies which are deeply relaxing and therapeutic on many levels.

Acupuncture – All that it is and all that it can be…



Natural Alternatives For The Mind, Body, & Soul

Acupuncture is believed to have started in China more that 2,500 years ago. It made it’s way to the United States in the 70’s and the popularity of this therapeutic practice has increasingly gained momentum. Acupuncture is often correlated to pain alleviation through the use of fine needles put at certain parts of the body. Although this is an aspect of the healing found in this particular therapy, Acupuncture is really about energy points and the flow or non-flow of energy or chi in our bodies. Chi or qi is energy.

There are points throughout the body where the energy flows. You can think of these points as junctures along the energy super highways of our bodies. We often experience pain because energy can’t flow and it gets stuck or trapped. It is not a tough concept to understand when you begin to identify the connection between the movement of energy and how this energy flows through our muscles and nervous system. Acupuncture can be a therapy specifically sought to reduce pain, but it also can be a therapy of relaxation, healing from acute to chronic diseases, pain, trauma or a preventive healthcare that alleviates stress and anxiety. It has also been used to treat those with emotional disorders. The practice and benefits of acupuncture as a healing modality has been well-documented. Acupuncture is now easily accessible and practitioners are found more prolifically throughout the U.S. Acupuncture is often practiced in conjunction with Chinese herbs and other energy work. Cupping and acu-magnets or pelletized magnets that are placed on these energy points are often part of Acupuncture treatments. The type of techniques used, the length of sessions and locations of needles, magnets or cups will vary according to the acuteness of the ailment.

As natural health and alternative healing modalities have come more to the forefront of healthcare, Acupuncture has been increasing in popularity and can now be one of many services offered at your local spa. For some, Acupuncture is similar to massage in which one will go for deep relaxation and it is part of their regular self-care.


Benefits Of The 4-7-8 (or Relaxing Breath) Exercise



Natural Alternatives For The Mind, Body, & Soul

Yoga and therapies such as massage and acupuncture have started becoming more popular for many reasons. Amongst those reasons is the sense of empowerment. You are in charge of your own health. Taking ownership of your health is liberating. Who knows what works for your body better than you? But, did you know that something as simple as breathing is a self-care therapy? You are in control and it’s free. A couple minutes of intentional breathing can bring you closer to a new tranquil you.

The 4-7-8 Breath is a simple and effective stress antidote. The technique takes almost no time and can be done anywhere. Here’s how you do it:

1. Sit up straight in a chair.
2. Place the tip of your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Keep it there through the entire breathing process. This relaxes the jaw where we hold a lot of tension and it gently opens the passage of air and brings a deeper awareness of the breath.
3. Breathe in silently through your nose to the slow count of 4.
4. Hold your breath to the count of 7.
5. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 8, making a slight audible swoosh sound.
6. Repeat the 4-7-8 cycle another three times, for a total of four breathing exercises.

In the beginning, stay with only four intentional breathes a day. What’s great about this relaxation technique is that you can do it anywhere and anytime.

When we experience stressors, our breathing becomes shorten, erratic and often we hold our breath. This actually traps tension in the body. It also robs our brain of oxygen. Our thoughts become cloudy and muddled. Sometimes it may seem hard to focus. All this causes increased tension and anxiety and your emotions may start spiraling out of control. Intentional breathing literally brings you back in your body. Your heartbeat slows, you are more aware of your body and your surroundings. Your emotions and thoughts stop swirling and you will have better clarity and focus. You can do your body and brain a favor by just breathing.

Benefits of Nutrition & Juicing



Natural Alternatives For The Mind, Body, & Soul

Whether your philosophy is eastern or western, or integrated medicine, the one thing all doctors and therapists will mostly likely agree is that our bodies cannot fight off disease or repair itself without well balanced and proper nutrition. Toxicity and nutritional deficiency are increasing and are viewed as the causes of most degenerative diseases. Many diseases today can be prevented by natural healthcare. This means eating well, getting plenty of exercise and nurturing and caring for your body through alternative healthcare such as massage or acupuncture and practices that are relaxing such as meditation or yoga.

Proper nutrition is the building block and first line of defense in overall wellness. Think of natural foods, minerals and vitamins as bricks laid down creating a solid foundation for your house. The right blend and proportions creates a smooth well blended concrete base for your body to stay balanced. We can often find the building blocks to health in natural foods. The building blocks are minerals and vitamins and the closer they are in their natural state the more perfectly they work in the human body. This is why juicing has become more and more popular. Often a wide variety of raw organic vegetables and fruits find their way in smoothies and juices as a quick way to consume the quantities needed for a healthy diet. Our bodies can often metabolize vitamins and minerals necessary for complete nutrition when foods are in a more raw, unrefined and unprocessed state.

In addition to being a building block, proper nutrition is the first line of defense for our immunity against disease. Using nutrition to naturally boost the body’s own immune system to heal itself is common knowledge. Our immune systems need an abundance of vitamins and minerals found in natural foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and healing herbs. What many people may not know that many herbs used medicinally as well as culinary herbs and spices have properties our body’s need to stay strong. Add a little cinnamon to your sweet potatoes or oatmeal to help with digestion or a little tumeric to your stirfry to help reduce inflammation. Finally, avoid foods with chemicals or genetically modified foods. Consume as many foods possible in their more natural, un-refined state for optimal health.

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